Trimestersave is a Fintech & mobile Health solution operating in the nexus of health and finance sectors. Trimestersave leverages the relative success of antenatal care coverage to improve financial inclusion which will in the long term improve health. See onboarding video

“Finance is a determinant of health”, a phrase heard and unfortunately forgotten in the public/community health departments of medical schools. Yet as donor funds dwindles, stifling health sector budgets*, it is imperative that innovative financing kicks in with impact investment. Trimestersave is a bold sustainable initiative.

The Ghana Health Service sees the opportunity and is facilitating trimestersave's leverage on their success with maternal health**to improve on the 30-50% financial inclusion rate since in the long term financial secure families can access better health care because they can afford it. They can have better housing and avoid certain diseases and have better nutrition avoiding malnutrition complications such as Kwashiorkor in infants. The SDG 3 Goal in general speaks to Universal health coverage, with finance mentioned in point 8 [i.e 3.8] Achieve universal health coverage, including financial risk protection, access to quality essential health-care services and access to safe, effective, quality and affordable essential medicines and vaccines for all .

The Target: Women [and by Extension Children]

Women and young people are especially financially excluded. TrimesterSave targets the young, in that the average age of first delivery is still below 25 years and being women, they fall into the double whammy for financial exclusion – young and female, with an urgent requirement for Impact Investment.


1. Divine Doe Anyibah - BA Social Work ( Business Dev. Manager)

2. Managing Coordinators: Dr. Adwoa Nketia, Dr. Abiba Mustapha, Dr. Mabel Morrisson

3. Internal Tech Team: SERVICE HUB

4. External Tech Team: Ecobank Microfinance (PanAfrican Savings and Loans) unit

5. Dr. Elvis Kuma Forson (Project Manager, trimestersave & CEO, Service Hub Ltd )

Contact Personally Call/whatsapp : Ghana/Nigeria +233557389017/ +2348148440853